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Which Way Round the Galaxy

Which Way Round the Galaxy

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From the bestselling author of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON comes book 2 in an out-of-this-world new series packed with epic adventure, thrilling space travel and forbidden Magic - perfect for gifting. There is no Magic here on Earth. At least, that's what you've been told...

But in an ordinary-looking house in an ordinary-looking village, live a group of children who have just uncovered a secret. A tiny and helpless Magical Creature lost far from home leads the O'Hero-Smith children on another Starcrossing adventure through the Which Ways and across the galaxy. The children have a plan to get little Bug back to the fiery-ice planet where it belongs, and to prove to their parents that they can be trusted with Magic along the way...

But a witch's curse, venomous snowsnakes and a gang of fighter robots are waiting for them through the Which Ways. The fate of the galaxy is once again in their hands - they better not mess it up! A family with a Magical secret ... A child with a powerful Gift ...

A story that is out of this world ... WARNING: Contains Dangerous Space Travel and Very Illegal Magic

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