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The Wanderdays: Journey To Fantome Island

The Wanderdays: Journey To Fantome Island

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Are you brave enough to join the Wanderdays in their first thrilling adventure? They're off on an edge-of-your-seat underwater quest to find out what's really happening on the secret Fantome Island. Meet Flo and Joseph Wanderday. Their mum is one of the world's greatest explorers, but she's gone missing on her latest expedition.

When a mysterious stranger appears, they discover the sinister reason for Mum's trip. This was no ordinary expedition and Mum was trying to uncover crimes committed by Sir Frederick Titan, a much-loved TV presenter who claims to be a protector of the natural world. Flo, Joseph and their friends Funmi and Isaac find a map and follow clues taking them to a secret island to save Mum and expose Titan's fishy plans...

An exciting watery adventure packed with brilliant baddies, bravery, friendship and real passion for protecting the natural world.

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