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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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Learn about the glittering story of Taylor Swift! The talented singer–songwriter who dreamt of sharing her talent with the world. Little Taylor grew up on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. USA.

Her life changed at six years old when she attended her first concert. Dancing and singing in the crowd as country musician LeAnn Rimes performed, Taylor fell in love with country music. Some of the kids at school didn’t understand, but Taylor managed to shake it off.

 She took her first steps towards stardom by recording a demo of cover songs and sending it to record labels in Nashville, the home of country music. Yet while she enjoyed singing others' songs, she knew all too well that she needed to express herself in her own words. When she began writing her own lyrics and melodies, her talent for putting feelings into words shone through.

 After signing with a record label, she started working on her first album: Taylor Swift. It became very popular, very quickly. Soon, she had earned a number one single on the country music charts.

 Next, she released her second album, a country-pop record named Fearless, it was a hit, and suddenly everyone knew her name. She won a Grammy and started to write more pop music for her albums – all the while keeping storytelling at the centre of her work. Several albums and sell-out world tours followed.

Despite the obstacles in her way, Taylor has always stood up for what she believes in and always believed in herself! This powerful book will never go out of style. It features quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of Taylor’s life

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