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Kildwick: Song of the Dolphin Boy

Kildwick: Song of the Dolphin Boy

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This moving adventure about the impact of plastic pollution on our seas is must-read modern classic, with black and white illustrations by Peter Bailey. Finn has always been different, and in the tiny Scottish fishing village of Stromhead he sticks out like a sore thumb.

He's always felt that something was missing; until one day he dives into the ocean and finds that, swimming with the dolphins, he feels completely at home. But his new friends are in danger of being injured by the rubbish that floats out into the water - and now a supermarket is going to release thousands of balloons that could drift out to sea and cause even more damage. Desperate to help the dolphins, Finn goes to the Lighthouse Crew, a group of kids who have always left Finn out.

Will they be able to set aside their differences to save the dolphins? And what will Finn discover about his past along the way?
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