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Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm

Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm

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Peregrine Quinn has always loved hearing her godfather Daedalus Bloom's stories about his life as an immortal, but that's all they were - stories.

That is, until the portals that connect the Terran Realm with the Cosmic Realm mysteriously shut down and Daedalus, the only one who can fix them, is kidnapped. Peregrine is then swept into a nail-biting adventure, racing through the streets of Oxford, down the riverways of London and into the Under-Underground. She soon realises that not only are the creatures from her godfather's stories real, but they're shooting at her with laser blasters.

Fortunately she has help from dryad librarian Rowan Strong and Olympus Inc. liaison (and faun) Callimachus Thorn. Together they must fix the portals and rescue Daedalus before an ancient evil rises and chaos takes over.

Time is running out and the fate of all the realms is now in Peregrine's hands . . .

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