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The Crimson Fortress

The Crimson Fortress

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Four siblings. Two enemy territories. One long buried secret. Without magic to protect Ashoka's borders, time is running out. The whole country is at risk from enemy territory Lyria, suspected to be experimenting with dangerous magic.

And nobody feels the threat more so than Maharani Vira, who is desperate to prove herself a worthy leader. But finding the Ivory Key, her one hope of discovering a new source of magic, has only led to more mysteries to unravel. So when her own Council turns on her, Vira once again needs her siblings' help.

If together they found the key, maybe together they can restore Ashoka to its former glory. As Vira and Riya head into the forest on the trail of magic, their brothers Kaleb and Ronak infiltrate the Lyrian court. Under the guise of negotiating peace, they hope to discover what their enemy has in store for Ashoka.

But in their search for answers, the siblings will uncover much more than an evil emperor's schemes and long buried magic... The siblings' quest concludes in the epic finale of THE IVORY KEY duology. There's only one way they'll succeed: together.
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