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Humongous Fungus

Humongous Fungus

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Author(s): DK
Published by: DK 2021
Binding: Hardback

Inhabiting a whole kingdom of their own, fungi can be found in every ecosystem. They carpet the forest floor, and different types of fungi decompose matter, feed plants, and even change animals' behaviour. Their beautiful mushrooms come in all colours, shapes, and sizes.

Fungal stories include the greening of the Earth, when fungi helped plants first grow on land, and the mass destruction of crops through fungal disease. From the villains of the upcoming bananageddon to plastic-eating eco-warriors, there are over 1.5 million known fungus species, and a huge, unknown number of unnamed "dark" types. Some are even found inside animals - helpful fungi break down food in animal guts, but others take over their hosts' bodies.

Inside the pages of this children's science and nature book, you'll discover exactly what fungi are and more!- Wonderfully detailed illustrations and photographs of fungal species- Surprise pull-out tabs packed with fun facts- Introduction to the science of fungi through engaging topics and thoughtful layouts. This book of fabulous fungi will intrigue and amaze young readers, and open their eyes to the fungi thriving all around them. Embark on a magical tour of the forest floor and discover one of the most fascinating living organisms on this planet - fungi.

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