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An Anthology of Our Extraordinary Earth

An Anthology of Our Extraordinary Earth

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Explore the beauty and majesty of planet Earth in this compendium, with more than 100 incredible stories and images. The world is so much more complex than young minds can fathom, from molten-hot rock and smouldering volcanoes to icy glaciers and bubbling springs.

An Anthology of Our Extraordinary Earth looks at our constantly changing planet, with striking images and scientific ideas that are easy for children to understand. Starting at the centre of the Earth, the book examines each layer in forensic detail: from Earth's metallic core, drilling through Earth's tough crust until emerging out onto the planet's surface, with its lush green rainforests, sparkling oceans, and snow-capped mountains, before sailing up into Earth's airy atmosphere. This detailed planet earth book for kids offers: - More than 100 stories about planet Earth, from snowflakes to cave pearls, each one accompanied by a photograph and delightful illustration.

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