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Call Me Joe

Call Me Joe

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Author(s): Es, Martin van
Published by: RedDoor Press, 2020
Binding: Paperback
Sophie Adams is teaching her primary school class when suddenly the world goes dark. Chaos reigns for twelve long minutes and when the sun appears again, so does a man call him Joe unkempt, mysterious, kind and, Sophie notes very good-looking. Sophie gradually learns more about where Joe is from and why he has appeared. She questions his sanity and her own when he claims to be the son of God returned to Earth to sort out the mess we have made of it all, but evidence outweighs her doubts and before she knows it she is besotted by this handsome and mysterious stranger. News of Joe spreads far and wide and as he begins to trend on Twitter, world leaders start to take note, bickering between themselves over who is really behind this strange event, and with cries of fake news ringing around The White House the media goes wild. Maybe, just maybe, we have time to put things right.

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