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Caste: the Lies That Divide Us

Caste: the Lies That Divide Us

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Author(s): Isabel Wilkerson
Published by: Allen Lane, 2020
Binding: Hardback
In 'Caste', Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson gives an astounding portrait of this hidden phenomenon. Linking America, India and Nazi Germany, she reveals how our world has been shaped by caste - and how its rigid, arbitrary hierarchies still divide us today. With clear-sighted rigour, Wilkerson unearths the eight pillars that connect caste systems across civilizations, and demonstrates how our own era of intensifying conflict and upheaval has arisen as a consequence of caste. Weaving in stories of real people, she shows how its insidious undertow emerges every day; she documents its surprising health costs; and she explores its effects on culture and politics. Finally, the author points forward to the ways we can - and must - move beyond its artificial divisions, towards our common humanity.

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